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Housing Choice Voucher Program


How to Go From Applicant to Participant

    1. When the Waiting List is opened, a person applies and is put on the Waiting List

    2. Applicant’s name is pulled from the Waiting List

    3. Applicant attends an appointment to submit and sign all needed documentation to determine if they are eligible for the HCV Program.

    4. If they are found ineligible, a letter is sent informing the Applicant that they have been denied.

    5. If they are found eligible, the Applicant is scheduled to attend a Voucher Issuance Briefing. They will be given additional information about the HCV Program, a 60-day Voucher, and a Request For Tenancy Approval Form (RFTA).

    6. Once the Applicant has found a unit they want to live in, they submit the completed and signed RFTA. If the Applicant does not find suitable housing before their voucher expires, they must request in writing an extension to their voucher and state the reason they were unable to locate housing. Requests may be granted for extreme hardship, medical issues, or disabilities. WHA may extend the term of the voucher in any increment up to 60 additional days.

    7. The RFTA will be reviewed to make sure that the Applicant has enough income to move into the unit according to HUD’s guidelines which state the Applicant’s rent portion and utilities cannot be over 40% of the Applicant’s adjusted income.

    8. If the unit is over the 40% rent burden, the unit will be denied for that Applicant. If there is still time on the Applicant’s voucher or have been granted an extension, they may submit another RFTA.

    9. If the unit is not over the 40% rent burden, a Housing Quality Standards (HQS) inspection is scheduled and conducted within 14 business days. During this time, a Rent Reasonableness Survey will be completed to determine if the asking rent for the unit is reasonable. If it is not, the move will be denied. If it is reasonable, the move will continue.

    10. The Owner has up to 30 days to complete any needed repairs. If the owner does not make the repairs within 30 days, the move will be cancelled.

    11. Once the unit has passed HQS Inspection, a Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) contract is drawn up and signed between the WHA and the Owner. The HAP contract and the lease must begin at the same time. The lease must include the HUD Tenancy Addendum.

    12. Effective the lease date, the Applicant may move into the unit and then becomes a Participant in the HCV Program.